Who is Nam?

Nam (Nothin After Me) was born October 23 to a military household. As early as he can remember, music has 
played a vital role in his life ranging from legendary artist such as 2Pac 
Shakur, Common, Lil Wayne and Nas, to new school artist such as Drake 
and Wale. Finishing High School in 2007 and enlisting in the United 
States Air Force. Taking advise from two local rap artist in Wichita Falls Texas, L.A and 
Rosco Da Balla, Nam started his rap career in 2008 and since then has perfected his craft and 
dipped into various genres of the music industry leaving behind hits 
that his fans adore. Upon completion of his military contract in 2011 Nam wasted no time in 
finding a studio and working with a local group known as ‘The L.O.B’
(The Legion of Boom) who played a vital role in his music career by 
teaching him how to be creative with his music and experiment with 
different sounds and wordplay in Savannah Georiga. Nam has performed on various 
occasions, including Summer Fest 2k11 that was held in Garden City 
where Nam had the pleasure of meeting Savannahs very own Quante 
Mr. RNB and Durand Life. Nothin After Me 
has truly set the bar when it comes to versatility with tracks like: 
Weather the Storm, Want Me, WTF I Want, and his latest single Float Away. Nam has 
proved why there is Nothing After Him when it comes to lyrical ability 
and versatility.